Thursday, September 09, 2004

At Last I Got My Blog

I'm new to this web blog. I've been wanting to have my own blog for quite sometimes. At last I manage to create one of my own. I'm going to post in story about myself and my knitting works. Actually I get myself involved in knitting about 3 years ago. From then on I've been a bit crazy about knitting. But sorry to say from this part of the world, which in Malaysia (I'm staying in Kuala Lumpur) there is very few yarn store and they have limited stock too. So recently I started to order online but have to bear the expensive cost on shipping, too bad. But I like ordering from Their service is good and reliable. I remember when I order for the first time, the yarn never came. Soon after that they re-send the yarn without additional charges. I am sure glad about that. I surely will recommend it to my friends.
I will try to post in my recent finished project soon. I'm still new to this blog and I still finding my way.


Kuky said...
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Kuky said...

Ooops I deleted my comment by accident. So what I said was something like: Welcome to blogging. I started blogging in May of this year and as with knitting I'm hooked :)