Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aran Cable Cardigan

I'm knitting a wool cardigan. Probably this is the only project I'm doing in wool. The weather in Malaysia is not suitable at all for wearing wool outdoor unless you are like me sitting in a freezing office from 9 to 5. I got the yarn actually for another project but after looking at the earlier pattern for quite some time I'm kinda of got bored with it. Recently, while browsing thru some books in the bookstore I found this book Aran Knitwear and Accessories(編んでみよう アランもようのウエアと小もの) by Nihon Vogue. There are a few nice designs in this book that I really like.

For this round, I've chosen the cable cardigan. The yarn I'm using is Laines Du Nord Korall which I got it from Webs. So far I've completed the front and the back. 2 more sleeves to go before seaming and the collar.

I'll update again with more progress soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Here is another one :-

The design is from Knitty. The yarn use for Stardust is the Rowan RYC Cashcotton 4 ply in colourway brown. I've used up almost 4 balls.

Gathered Lace Cardi

I know that I've neglected this blog. I have not been blogging since July. During this period, I have continue with knitting. Although, I have not been blogging regularly, I have updated my Ravelry on the new FOs. One of it is the Gathered Lace Cardi from Knit1 Spring/Summer 2008 magazine.

Finished this in 2 weeks. Considered this as fast as I will normally get bored knitting stockinette stitch. Ive started this as I was motivated by all the nice FO’s in Raverly and also from Loopy

I've used a smaller gauge yarn, the Jaeger Trinity in the colourway Red-Orange. Therefore, I’ve knitted the largest size. No other modifications made, I followed the increasing instruction as mentioned in the pattern.

Its fun and experimental for myself as I normally dont knit from the top. Enjoy knitting this and I love the “NO SEAMING” part.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Chinese Crochet Top

Completed this one yesterday. I love it. I think it looks a bit like a Chinese Top because of the high neckline. Actually, I've attempted this design few months back but have frogged it as turns out a too drapey and heavy because of the yarn I've used.

Last Saturday I try to crochet it again and this time I've choosen DMC Petra. I used about 2+ balls for this top. I like how it turns out, light and airy. For this design I used the suggested hook size 4/0. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied.

Pattern Source Yarn : Euro Knit Spring/Summer 2008
Yarn : DMC Petra (2+ balls)
Needle Size : Japanese Needle Size 4/0
Completion Date : June 2008

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kusha Kusha Scarf

I've seen and heard so much on the kusha kusha scarf and shawl in the website lately and so I decided to join in the fun as well. I just got the kit from habu and yesterday I can't stand any longer. For my kit, I've choosen the stainless steel in violet and the lace wool in the shade of brown.
Its in the progress now, aiming to complete it by the weekend. I like how it feels and so far it is turning out not bad.

I'll post more on it when it is completed.

P/S : Aw,I can't find your email in the comment. Hope that you will see this message.Did you follow exactly the number of stitches in the pattern? Well, sometime because of the difference in the thickness of the yarn use in the pattern the size will turn out differently. So the best possible way for you to get the size that you require is get your daughter exact size and then you can try to swatch the pattern to get the gauge. From there you will know how many repeats you need for the size you require. Normally, in the pattern it will shows for each repeat the number of stitches required. So add more to make it bigger or reduce it to make it smaller. Remember to add allowance to it as well because compare to knitting, crochet can't be stretch and through my experience I find that after washing a crochet garment it will shrink a bit. I'm not good at explanation but I hope this help