Monday, June 09, 2008

Chinese Crochet Top

Completed this one yesterday. I love it. I think it looks a bit like a Chinese Top because of the high neckline. Actually, I've attempted this design few months back but have frogged it as turns out a too drapey and heavy because of the yarn I've used.

Last Saturday I try to crochet it again and this time I've choosen DMC Petra. I used about 2+ balls for this top. I like how it turns out, light and airy. For this design I used the suggested hook size 4/0. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied.

Pattern Source Yarn : Euro Knit Spring/Summer 2008
Yarn : DMC Petra (2+ balls)
Needle Size : Japanese Needle Size 4/0
Completion Date : June 2008


windloop said...

The color is very nice!!! you crochet very fast..wish I could crochet that fast.

yuvee said...

Wow you never ceased to amaze me by your speed. And gorgeous results too :)

Annie said...

Very pretty!! I like the high neckline and the colour is nice too! Great work!!

chicchicbaby said...

Pretty piece of work, I love this shade of green.

Alison Boon said...

wow that is a stunning piece

Anonymous said...

How can we get the pattern?