Friday, January 28, 2005

Vogue Knitting Mag

Just a short update.

I received my Vogue Knitting Mag today. Its the Winter 2005/2005. I am sure you all might have get your copy already.

Overall, not much project are suitable over here in Malaysia. But there are these two patterns I might like to try it out.

The one on top, the Bobbled Cardigan looks very nice and the Pretty Little Top looks so sweet. I must go through the instructions and see whether I can managed it. I'm so used to Japanese patterns. They are more straight forward compare to this, more complicated. Hope I can try this out soon.

I've got to go now, have to crochet more motifs for my Flowery Top. I have decided to do my Pinky in the office during lunch time and at home I'm going to do up the Flowery Top. Hopefully then Pinky dont have to wait too long.


Anonymous said...

I'm a knitter nearby, across the causeway :) I'm also thinking that the ruffle edged top is nice to knit and suitable for our weather. Looking forward to seeing your completed pink sweater. erin

Agnes said...

Hi there, I am visiting from California. I came from Hong Kong originally. I didn't buy this issue of Vogue Knitting but I like the two patterns you've chosen. However, personally, I wouldn't wear something like the sleeveless top because I think it would make me look fat in the middle, you know what I mean? :)