Saturday, February 26, 2005

Rosey Leafy Lace Top

First of all thanks for all your kind compliment for my Pinky Sweater. It is really very encouraging.
I have started a new project. I was inspired by Lyn's Blue Belle and decided to knit one for myself. I have chosen a yarn from Online Linie 165 in rose colour (that is what looks to me, ROSEY). The pattern is not complicated and I knitted on a 3.5mm needles, so the progress is very encouraging although I seldom knitted it. Here is the progress so far.

Besides that, these few weeks I have also enhance my yarn stash. I went to Adeline's last Saturday with my Mom. I bought 6 balls of Online Linie 165 in very soft gray I think (I'm not sure how to describe the colour) and 6 balls of Bianca in Lime colour. For the Bianca I have in mind for a pattern in the World of Knits which is a Lacy 3/4 sweater. With all the new magazines coming up, I'm not sure whether the Bianca will go on as planned, so wait and see.

I also got this from my local book store. Its the Keidotama Spring 2005 edition and this 2 Japanese knitting book which are from the Lets Knits Series and the other one is from another Japanese publisher Ondori.

Lately, DH has been pestering me about having a "Baby". I've have been thinking a lot about these and undecided whether I should have one of my own. What was on my mind was, if I really have a Baby, then I might not have much time for myself. Maybe a little selfish on my part, but thats really bothering me. I want to have more time for myself. Since I'm working, I dont have much time to spend and to add to that with the Baby and house work, I scared I cant cope. Oh yes, with a Baby means, less time for knitting too. Its really bad of me rite... but I just want to make sure if I want a Baby means I really wanted it and not because of other people. Come to think about it, its really not fair for my DH though. Any advise anyone? This Baby thing is really making me nuts.

P/S : With a Baby mean less money to spend on YARN too, lol.


Anonymous said...

The pink sweater looks nice. I made a similar one last year and always wear in summer time.

Baby knitting thingys are very cute. It is good to have a new knitting target ^^

Vanessa said...

Hi love your pink sweater too. Very sweet, where did you get the pattern from? Is it a jap pattern? Im not very good in reading jap pattern at all. Well, about the baby thigy. I'm sure you'll be able to cope when the time comes. Some of my friends whom just gave birth to their 1st child have the same dilemma too. They were so afraid not having enough time to themselves with their DH, career and housework. But when they finally had the baby, they were so glad they did. I know it is going to be tough to juggle between work and family, however, none of us know exactly when is right time. I guess you just have to do it to find out. Best wishes from coloursknits!

emy said...

Hi Doreen,

Baby or not...hmm hubby & I ROM'ed for 7 yrs but we haven't even gotten around to our wedding banquet! I would say before you think of having babies knit/crochet furiously since I doube that when you are pregnant you would be in the mood. :)