Thursday, July 28, 2005

Secret Pal Package

Just a short update today.

I've receive the package from my Secret Pal last week. Only now I can find the time to update on it. So sorry Secret Pal. What a surprise, the package arrived within 2 weeks. My Secret Pal is from Brazil, land of all the happy people.

As you can see here, Secret Pal send me 2 CDs and a shopping bag. According to her, the 2 singers is very popular in Brazil. Although, I don't understand it, but I find it to be very relaxing. For the shopping bag, I just loved it. It's so colourful and furthermore what other better ways to use it then carry all my knitting stuff in it. Thank you so much Secret Pal, Lia.

No project update at the moment, because I'm quite demotivated for the time being. I'm thinking of frogging Rosey as I find it rather big and heavy. I'll update again soon.


Your SP said...

I was beginning to be a little worried :D
Your second package is almost ready to go. This time a little more yarn related...

Anonymous said...

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