Thursday, July 06, 2006

Meet-Up & WIP

The KL Knitters had a mini meet-up last Saturday in one of the coffee outlet in town. This time around we have 2 new faces, Ina and Nurhanne (a Danish knitter residing in Malaysia for about 20 years now). Eventhough there were only 6 of us but it was indeed an enjoyable one. Well gals, hope that we can meetup more often.

Not much on knitting front. I've just started 2 new projects. I know I know its not me, to start 2 project at once. Its a wrap and a tank top. The wrap is quite and easy one. I'm knitting the Fiber Trends Estonian Garden Wrap with Zephyr in Sage shade. I'm now just knitting the repeats on the center section which is the Little Flowers Lace. The borders and edgings will be knitted last. At the moment it is very relaxing as I have to knit the repeats of 8 rows of lace. So I can actually knit this while watching TV. Well, this one will really take some time to finish as there are 41 repeats according to the instructions. I'm only on the 8 repeats now.

The tank top which consequently also is in a green shade. (since I can't think a name for it, I'm just going to name it Gatsby). This design is from one of the Keitodama Mag. Its pretty easy too. 8 rows of lace as well which by now I already memorize it by heart.

I think it will take me sometime to show you gals my next FO.


Mimi said...

I see you are really into blue tones! I am also working on a blue project. ;)

Love your Blue Belle, that magazine has great designs.

Monique said...

Very nice stitch pattern!

Knitnerd said...

The knitting projects all look nice! and the colours are nice too!