Thursday, August 10, 2006


I'm back. I've been through frustrating for the past one month. I think I've been jinxed. Everthing seems not right. Remember Gatsby. After blocking the back piece and left aside a few days, it changes colour again (in spots). The front side after blocking became worse too. Along the neckline it changes colour tremendously. I don't know what went wrong. I still can't figure it out till today. I guess this is the reason that kept me awake a few nights.

I realised that the yarn doesn't change colour while I'm knitting it, it only happen once I've finish blocking it. I began to suspect thats its the water that I used but this is not proven yet as my other old FOs do not have this problem when I wash it. Well, solution to the spots is definately to bleach it again. So here you are, another FO in off-white.

After Gatsby, I knitted another tunic. This time with Jaegar Sienna. Bad luck seems to follow. After blocking it and left it aside for a week while I knit-up the front side, I found that it changes colour in spots on the Wrong Side. I manage to capture it in photos this time. Have a look. Do you girls have any idea what when wrong?

So currently, I've diverted myself from COTTON temporarily. I'm knitting the SwallowTail Shawl from 2006 Fall IK. This is knitted with Zephyr from the Estonian Garden Lace Shawl which I have frogged earlier. Ionly realised that I've make a mistake on the calculation when I was half way through. Well, I'll leave that aside and will re-knit it again with something else later.


opportunityknits said...

Oh no, not again! If it's any consolation, your Gatsby looks really pretty in white. It's very strange that it's happenning with different brands of cotton. Could it be an effect of the sun? Do you leave your knitting somewhere where it gets a lot of sunlight? The only other thing I can think of is an effect from your knitting needles, but how?

handknit168 said...

I also got the IK Fall 2006, but haven't started anything yet. Someday I will try this shawl.

ruth said...

you know, despite frustrations, your Gatsby looks really pretty! i don't know enough about cotton yarn to know what was going on with it... sorry. =(
but as you knit up the lace shawl, post pictures!! i loved working with zephyr and i'm sure your shawl will be beautiful! =)

Vanessa said...

Sorry about all your problem Doreen!

Gatsby is very pretty. Where's the pattern from? I'm knitting SwallowTail too, but haven't made much progress.

Polly said...

Your lace work is gorgeous! /hostessnic