Saturday, November 04, 2006

Photoless Post

Life has been hectic for me for this couple of weeks. I've been been busy with home and work.

This post is going to be a photoless one. It will be a short one as well. I'm posting this in the office on a lazy Saturday morning. I wanted to show you my finish Hanging Garden Shawl, too bad I forgot to bring my camera adapter. I only realize this when I took my camera out this morning. The camera had been inside my bag for a few days and I didn't realize at all that I dont have the adapter with me till now.

I've finish knitting the shawl early this week and blocking had been hell. I tried blocking it a few times. Each time, half way through it, I give up. I find that its hard to stretch, probably because it is too long. I find that the Knitpicks Shadow bleeds as well. So anyone using this to knit just be aware that the colour runs.

No new projects at the moment, the purple rib top has been frog as well. I'll find some other pattern for the yarn later.

I'm going to post again soon with my finish shawl. Cya soon.

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yuvee said...

Can't wait to see your shawl ;)