Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Crochet ... No Knitting

I have not been blogging for almost 2 months already. I wonder if anybody still visits and read this blog.

I have been knitting and crocheting this couple of months but got a little bored with knitting. Most of the knitting work in progress visited the frog pond. I hope to get back my mood in knitting soon.
As for crochet, I managed to complete a few project.

Pattern Source Yarn : World of Knits - Spring/Summer 2004
Yarn : DMC Petra (3+ balls)
Needle Size : Japanese Needle Size 2/0
Completion Date : April 2008

Pattern Source Yarn : Keitodama Summer 2008
Yarn : DMC Petra (2+ balls)
Needle Size : Japanese Needle Size 2/0
Completion Date : May 2008

Pattern Source Yarn : Amigurumi Pattern Book
Yarn : Aryclic
Needle Size : Japanese Needle Size 4/0
Completion Date : March 2008


Judy said...

Yes, I read your blog. You are on my blogroll because I love your crocheted projects. These two crocheted tops are great, and I love the colors!

handknit168 said...

I still read others blogs and you are on my bloglines. I haven't knitted anything for months for I have no idea what to knit, just reading. My sister now requests me to knit her a cardigan, but no mood to knit. Hope I can get back to knitting very soon.

chicchicbaby said...

Me too! And I love your salmon color top, very unique!

Regg said...

me 3! my neck is 2" longer waiting for u to update your blog! nice photos and great work!

EllyMae said...

Of course we still read your Blog. It's in my Blogroll on Bloglines. Beautiful pieces as usual!

Aw said...

I read your blog regularly, as I love your crochet FOs. Just curious, I am using DMC Petra to crochet, but seemed never get the right size, especially for my 2nd DD, pity her, whenever she picked up the pattern, I ended with size smaller to fit her youngest sis. Presently I am using size 4/0 for a pattern in Richmore #99 (pattern 9915), the size is so small only can fit my 9yrs old DD.