Friday, September 10, 2004

My Finish Project

This is one of my latest finish project. It is knitted using the Schoellar Stahl Bandolino. The pattern is from the Schachenmayr Inspiration Nr 61 S 3 (Fashion Trends Spring/Summer). Actually I'm quite satisfied with the result.

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Schachenmayr Inspiration Nr 61 Sr 3 Posted by Hello

Will be glad if anyone have any comment on this project.


Anonymous said...

Hi, This is a beautiful piece of work!
Siow Chin

Carol said...

Wow. That's a wonderful sweater. You did an excellent job!

consomme said...

Hi Doreen, I love the top! It's beautiful :o) I found your site via Knit Nut and have to say that I'm glad there's another interested party to join our SnB (which stands for Stitch 'n Bitch). We have decided to meet on Thursday evenings at Starbucks in Taipan. Do drop in if it's convenient. Let me know!


Mona said...

That's a beautiful sweater Brenda.
Thanks for sharing and hope you get to join us on Thursdays one day.