Sunday, September 26, 2004

My Previous Finish Project

My Hubby bought a digital camera for me yesterday. I have been complaining that I can't take any photos for my weblog. Previously, I took pictures with my my web camera. Now with my new camera, I can take more photos. Thanks hubby.

Here I post in my previous finish project. Some of it I learned from my LYS and some of it I just DIY. I find that my LYS if you dont purchase yarn from them, they will just ignore you. Even if you purchase cheaper yarn, they dont just dont like to entertain you. So now, I seldom buy yarn from them anymore.

Most of my knitting work is for my ownself. Hehehe..... yup... I remember I did knit something for my hubby. Its a vest, but he seldom got the opportunity to wear it over here in Malaysia, with the hot weather, I dont think he can stand it.


Anonymous said...

Your FOs are great! I love the raglan and the long-sleeve number. Is the design from Interweave Knits?

Anonymous said...

I do like the white long sleeve one Doreen.
Excellent work.
We really have to meet up and share knitting stories.

consomme said...

I love all your FOs especially the green tank! So pretty :o) Yeah, and echoing what Mona said... we HAVE to meet up for our SnB soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen, Thank you for visit my blog. Your FOs are gorgerous ! All of them look great.

Happy knitting !


Cheng Lian said...

I experienced the same in LYS too.

Btw your FOs are so lovely. I love
them all. Hope can meet you one day.

the Brenda knitting shop you mentioned previously,is it from Taipan,Subang Jaya?