Monday, October 11, 2004

My First Knitting Meetup

Hooray....... I get to meetup with Lyn and Mona at last. I've been looking forward to meetup with fellow knitters in Malaysia and at last I get to meetup with them last Saturday afternoon. Our meetup was held at the Dome at Bandar Utama II. The meetup start at about 2.30pm and end at about 8.00pm. Although this is my first meetup but it is great and fun. Mona has to bring his son along and he is real cute.

Later, Lyn brought me to Brenda's place (which they have been buying yarn from). That place is nice. I managed to get some yarns too. This is the yarn I bought. It is a mixture of yellow in two tones. I will use it to knit a short sleeve sweater later when I finished my curent project.

Not much have been done during the weekend. I only managed to knit up a bit on my latest project which is a sweater from here. Here is the progress.

Oh yes.... I managed to clean up my yarn box (I kept all my knitting stuff in a box). It was an easy to task cos there not much (most of them are yarns that I bought but still have not managed to start yet). While I was doing guess who keep me company?

Yup, thats my cat, Baby. He is playing hide and seek in one of my knitting bags. Isn't he cute ?


Anonymous said...

Hi ! It is so happy to meet up with other knitters, right ? I have quite frequent meet up with my knitting friends here. There are always so many thing to talk and to knit. BTW, I went to KL twice last year. I has a knitting friend in KL too.

Mona said...

It was very nice to have met you Doreen.
And yes it's really good to meet up with other knitters, I wish I had more time to look at your pattern books but it's hard to concentrate with a kid around. Next timelah!

consomme said...

You are sooooooo disciplined! I can never just work on one project and enjoy having a few to choose from depending on my mood :o) It was great meeting up with you and we should do it more!