Friday, October 29, 2004

Pinky Mission Accomplished

I've been quite lazy to blog lately. I've finally completed my pink shawl last Sunday, but not I'm not too happy about it. It is way to short. Silly me, I forgot to measure it, but anyway this is my first project on shawl. I've not done it before. I'll make sure that I checked everthing the next time around. I try to stitch in a ribbon or a bow later to see how it will turn out. The finishing is perfect, I like the feeling of it, so sooooftty.... Anyway, I'm bringing it to our knitting meet-up tomorrow with Lyn and Mona and see whether they have any idea to fix it.

So its time to complete the balance of my brown sweater. I've done the back side. I'll block it later. As today my boss is on leave and I get to do a bit of knitting in the office. Its quite frustrating, I keep on making silly mistakes have to frog out row by row. Maybe its because I'm not really concentrating. I wanna complete this project fast, so I can start on the rest of my waiting project.


consomme said...

Your shawl is beautiful, girl! And pink is always a good colour :-) The measurements are hard to tell from the pic so I'm not sure how to suggest wearing it. Guess Mona and I will see tomorrow. Can't wait... it looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen, the shawl is really beautiful. I'm interested to know which pattern you are using too. As for the size, why don't you try blocking it? The lace will spread out a lot more.
Siow Chin

Anonymous said...

Hi! The pink shawl is beautiful ! Well done !


Kel said...

Nice blogg,
Ive not been at this too long but if u wanna drop by im at feel free to comment and that if u wanna cheers kel