Saturday, November 13, 2004

Bianca Eyelet Top

Yes, I decided to knit with Bianca at last. This happen when you have a stash of yarn and you are undecided which one to do first. The pattern I've choosen is the one same as Consomme. This is knitted with a 3mm needles cause the Biance yarn is very fine. I hope this top will turn out nice. This weekend is a holiday in Malaysia, so I'm hoping to finish at least the back portion.

This few days is quite headache to me. My cat refused to eat his medicine thus the same problem came back again. He can't urinate yesterday, I've to look for a vet everywhere cause yesterday is a holiday (Deepavali, "the festival of light for the Indians") and since most of the vet is operated by the Indians, of course it is close. Luckily I found one in Brickfields. According to the vet he has to continue taking the course of antibiotic for at least 10 days to clear-up the infection. My DH and myself try to feed him this morning, but without success, so now the last solution is to drive him to the vet nearby every morning, to feed him. So hoping now for the next 10 days he will get better. Praying praying hard.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's going to be lovely! It's so pretty already. Have a good holiday and let's hope your cat gets well soonest.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dorren. I forgot to type my name in the comment. It was me, Siow Chin.

Mary said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. Watching a pet suffer can be such a heartache. I wish I had some good hints about giving pills to cats (other than sneaking up behind them!). I gave my poor dog so many pills over the summer that I had a perfect system worked out. The system was called "tub of cream cheese". A little cream cheese helped all of those pills go down without any problems! I hope things work out okay for the kitty.

That pattern is really pretty - and so is the yarn. Nice!

Lauren said...

I hope your kitty gets better soon...

I really like your eyelet top--so lovely and elegant.

Just found your site, and I am glad I did!

Take care :)