Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Happy Weekend

Thanks for all the concern for Baby, my kitty. He is getting better and on the run again as usual. Just to let you all know,he got this thing call Urinary Tract Infection. According to the vet, cats having Friskies has this problem all the time. So I'm changing a new food for him (Science Diet). Hopefully, he would not gain the same problem again and most important healty and cheerful always.

Just an update on my knitting. I have completed the Schachenmayr Micro sweater yesterday nite. I used up almost 10 hours on seaming and crocheting the edge. What a day.... Poor DH, I think he is a bit bored sitting in the house doing nothing. Anyway I'm sure he dont mind. I was so busy seaming and crocheting till I was too lazy to cook... Lazy me yah, but I'm sure anyone who in the final stage of completing the project, will get all hook up rite... not only me (are you all the same or just me, just curious). Too bad I can't post the photo right away. I dont have my cam now (my sis is having it)so you all have to wait till maybe this weekend when I get it back.

Planning to start on a new project, but undecided which one. I'll update again then.


This is the photo I promised (not too clear)

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