Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Early Surprise

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY and guess what, I got a surprise this morning. My hubby sent me a bouquet of Lilies with two cute little bear bear. This is the second time he sends me flowers. I remember the first time was when we were courting. Both of us think that it is quite a waste buying flowers. But surprise surprise he bought me flowers this year on my Birthday Eve. Its lovely. Hmmm... why do gals always love receiving flowers (even though we sometimes say its a waste but no denying we are always glad to receive them, thats what men believe when a gal says NO, it will always mean YES in their heart). So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME (you are getting older again).

I was planning to at least finish knitting the Biance eyelet top during the weekend but silly me, I left the pattern with my row counter in the office. So now I dont get to finish the top as planned. To occupy my time I started a new project. Its a top too and I think I call it Leafy coz the motif look like leaf to me. It is knitted using the Livre Cotton. Its quite headache too, I have to frog out the whole thing a few times coz the edging did not turn out quite well. Luckily it is only a few rows. So here's the progress so far. I've been doing this the whole of Sunday and thats the result, quite slow for my speed.

Anyway, I'm continuing to knit my eyelet top now. The progress so far, I'm shaping the neck now. Hopefully, I could get the front done by this weekend so I can block it this weekend. Then I will be able to start seaming by next week.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Doreen!

Siow Chin

Mona said...

Happy Birthday Doreen. Make sure you reward yourself with some STASH!!!