Monday, November 29, 2004

Eyelet Top Is Up

Hooray, my eyelet top is done. I managed to get it seam up yesterday nite. A long seaming nite. Almost took me two and and half week to get this eyelet done and not too bad.

Surprisingly, I only use up 4 balls of yarn (165m a ball). Hmm... I might get a few more balls, maybe this time in plain colours. It is nice to knit in this yarn caused it is mercimerised cotton and of course it won't split. The Livre Cotton which I'm currently using for my leafy top is not so nice, it will split and the yarndage is not so good as this Bianca.
I've ordered a few yarns from Elann last week (as my birthday present). Hopefully, I will received it this week. Hmmm..... waiting eagerly. My hands is aching, maybe its the intensive knitting (thats what my hubby is telling me) this few weeks or it is the house work. Not too sure myself. I remember last year when I shifted to my own home, I had this problem. I'm a pampered girl, not use to house work. The most I've done maybe cleaning my own room. So since I've shifted, all have to be done by myself. No more Mom to do it (now I know how good is my Mom, thanks mom for everthing).


Anonymous said...

The lacy top is lovely ! Well done. I love this kind of design too.

Eva/ Hong Kong

Mona said...

That's really fast work on your eyelet top!
So what did you order from Elann - please share!!

Anonymous said...

The lacy top is lovely! I love cap sleeves :)

Siow Chin

Anne-Caroline said...

That is such a beautiful top! It is always so satisfying to knit items that have designs. Happy Knitting!

Toni said...

The top turned out very well! I love the color and texture.