Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm Back

Greetings to everyone.

I'm back. I've been missing in action for almost 2 weeks I guess. Been very busy lately with work. Year end is here and as usual this is the time for our Company budget. With me in the marketing department, we have to prepare for next year forecast. Hmm... so tiring. I dont even have time for my knitting and blogging. Fortunately, its done now so that I dont have to worry during Christmas.

So, I guess no FO for me for Christmas. As previously mentioned, I ordered some yarn from Elann, and it arrived already. Its some cotton yarn called Endless Summer Collection. I got some in Burgandy cause I dont have any dark colours.

Here it is....

The other leafy motif top is still in progress, but I'm thinking of starting another project. Greedy me, but I have not decided which one. Its a bit hard for me to choose a design lately. It seem everything is nice and I wanted all of them.

I think thats all for today, I'm going to choose another new project now.

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