Thursday, January 20, 2005

Lazy Bug

Its me. I've been infected by the "Lazy Bug". I have not done much knitting lately. What a great way to start new year hah? It seems that I dont have the mood to do anything. I dont even feel like watching tv at nite like what I usually do. Usually I will do my knitting while watching tv, lately the only thing I do after having my dinner is sleep. Yeh... thats the thing I've been doing lately........Its just not me. What happen??????

Anyway, during this few weeks I did knit up something but in a very slow pace. Here it is. The pattern taken from World of Knits 2004 - Spring and Summer. I'm going to name it "Pink Button-Up Cardigan" sounds funny though... What the heck... its mine and I'm going to name it the way I like it. I havent knitted a front button-up cardigan before. So cross my fingers that it is going to happen. I was hoping to finish it before Chinese New Year, but with the slow progress I dont think I can make it. Hmmm.. too bad.

A bit exciting ... eagerly waiting for Chinese New Year. Preparing for it now, so I'm a bit busy lately with spring cleaning and decorating the house and not forgetting shopping too. Besides that there are wedding dinner to attend too. Everybody seems rushing to get married before the Chinese New Year. With that I have to attend both family and friends wedding, well this will really keep me busy.

Ok, thats about it on my knitting update, till then hope everyone HAPPY KNITTING.


mona said...

I like the pattern, especially the ribbed bottom band

Anonymous said...

The pattern you chose is beautiful. It is good idea to use pink yarn. Looking forward to see the FO comes out.

Eva/ Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

It's a lovey pattern and the pink you chose makes it so sweet!

Siow Chin