Thursday, March 31, 2005

Flower Basket Shawl - Part 2

I've finished knitting the FBS yesterday nite. Immediately blocked it. Its too huge, so I have to lay it on a cardboard. The photo looks a bit murky there, forgive me. I uses about 3.5 balls of the Peruvian Baby Silk as I add-in a few more repeats to the original pattern. I wanted something bigger so that I can wrap it in around my shoulder. With the weather in KL a bit cooling, I think the shawl will be in good use. Its really freezing here in my office.

Its a simple shawl and actually I should have completed it much more earlier if not of the wrong gauge. Anyway its done now, I have to wait and see after the blocking whether the edges will smooth out nicely.

Here's the close-up on the edges (I really love the edges)

A few of us, KL Knitters are doing a Kiri Shawl Along. Hope that it will go on smoothly. Waiting eagerly for the Rowan KSH to arrive so that we can start soon.

So for the time being, I think I should get back to Rosey. I missed her so much. Rushing to finish-up FBS and I realised that I've neglected her. Must get back to her soon. Its almost 2 months now and Rosey is still not done yet. Bad Bad Girl... I think I better finished up Rosey before I start another new project.

Thats all for now, will update again soon after FBS is block-out.



Eva Shiu said...

Your pink FBS is very beautiful ! Excellent work !

Laura.Y said...

Hey very nice! Have to see it in person this Friday!..:) U gals r tempting me so much! I guess I can still knit along with Vanessa. heh heh

Anonymous said...

very nice!!! that alpaca silk is so soft, this will be a pleasure to wear.

Siow Chin said...

It's very beautiful! Good luck with Kiri next.

Cara said...

It's really beautiful! Like it so much and tempting to make a shawl for my own in the future.

Vanessa said...

Hey doreen, can't catch up with you guys, I'm so slow. Still on my my first ball. See you this coming Saturday!