Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Flower Basket Shawl

I'm back, I've been hibernating and at last I'm back. This past 2 weeks, I've attend 2 knitting meetup. New friends and new inspiration too. There are now six of us and hopefully more will join our group. I have also enhanced my collection of yarns. There are now 3 balls of Online Eyelash Como in pastel blue in the family. I intend to knit a garter scarf with this eyelash yarn, yummy yummy.

I got a surprise news from my best friend in Penang today. Guess what, she is getting married this November. As a gift for her I'm going to knit her another garter scarf too using the same Online Eyelash. She chooses pastel pink something to match her evening gown. So, will have to get more eyelash yarn. I have to get it knit-up before May to make it for the shooting of her wedding photos.

I've started another new project. Its the Flower Basket Shawl knitted with the Peruvian Baby Silk. Rip out a few times before I can get it right. Here's the progress so far. I'm into the 3 repeat of the Lower pattern. Hope I can get it right. Does it seem to you a bit short in length as I'm into the third repeat or is it only after blocking I can get the correct length ? Have to wait and see I guess.

Thats about it for the time being. Its late now, have to get some sleep it's will be an early day for me tomorrow.

See ya.


mona said...

it does stretch when you block it but if you want to make it bigger add another repeat. It's not a very big shawl- just meant to cover your shoulders.

knitties said...

It looks great! And isn't Alpaca Silk a wonderful yarn :-)

Vanessa said...

hey doreen, don't forget to bring your FSB this coming friday. I desperately need some help from you. Thanks in advance k.