Saturday, April 23, 2005

Completed KIRI

KIRI Updates

The knitting is all done and so is the blocking out. I managed to finish knitting it on Wednesday night. It turns out quite large as I repeated the pattern 12 times excluding the top and edging.

Here is how it looks like before blocking. All the edges is curl-up.

After blocking it the width turns out to about 60 inches wide. And here’s how it looks like on the blocking board. All the pointy edges straighten out.

WIP Updates

  • Trying my luck again on crocheting. It seems that the Apple Green Top is a failure. So for this new project, not showing anything yet until I progress a bit. Crocheting is really coming back and wish that I can manage crochet as well as knitting. As for now the progress on the project slow compare with knitting, how I wish that I can do it as fast as knitting.

  • Not much progress on Rosey. At the moment I am into the shaping of the neckline. I still have about 3 to 4 inch to knit-up the front side. Really hope that I can complete knitting it up as soon as possible, as it has been pending quite sometime. It is lying in my knitting bag, begging me to finish it, but I’m just not in the mood to progress further.

I going out to grab a quick lunch. Hope to see you all soon.


Eva Shiu said...

The shawl is beautiful ! Good work !

opportunityknits said...

Your Kiri looks beautiful, just love the pointy edges. You knit so fast!

Siow Chin said...

I've been contemplating in what yarn to make my mother who is in Singapore a shawl. Now that I see your beautiful Kiri, I know what to use. Thanks for the inspiration.

knitties said...

Absolutely lovely work! I like how it turned out with DMC Petra :-) I would probably try that in a different colour if I intend to knit Kiri... thanks for the idea!

yuvee said...

I can't belive that you actually finished it this fast. It turns out beautifully, and I just love those pointy edges. Good job!

Laura.Y said...

Looks great! U did it sooo fast! Now I'm more inspired :)

amineko said...

It's beautiful!I love it.

Mimi said...

Hi Doreen,

Your shawls are soooo beautiful! I have never knit one, but I should put it on my list to knit.

Toni said...

It's beautiful! Congratulations!