Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Progress On Orangina

This is the preview of Orangina. I've started it on 1st July. It is knitted with Rowan 4 Ply Cotton in turquoise. I hope the colour is not too bright for me. This is the progress on Saturday morning.

I got some free time during work on Saturday and I knitted more. The whole of Saturday nite was spent knitting Orangina. And by Sunday evening I've finished knitting one side. Now my fingers are aching with all the long hours on knitting. I really knit to finish-up fast since I'm so motivated now.

You must have noticed why did I do the ribbing on the first piece as the pattern calls for knitting in the round for the ribbing. I dont really like knitting in the round and decided to knit up Orangina in two piece and seam it later. I hope that it will turn out fine with this idea.


opportunityknits said...

You are so fast with lace. The colour looks pretty on my monitor. I used to think knitting in the round was so fantastic, but I'm beginning to see that flat knitting and seaming can be much better too.

Laura.Y said...

omg! u r the lady!!!! hehe so fast!

Mimi said...

I think the blue color is similar to my blue Jewel! Now that I finish the back, I am more confortable with the color!
Your are progressing really fast with orangina and it already looks nice!

Peggy said...

Wah, you are a fast knitter. Interesting that you don't like to knit in the round because I usually find it faster. But I guess it's easier to knit lace flat.

yuvee said...

You're so fast!! I'm sure you can get it done soon, good luck! Love the colour!