Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Surprises From SP

At last, package from my SP, Lia arrived. I was very happy to receive this package. She send me a felted tote (which I like the most), 3 balls of variegated yarn in turquiose, a crochet pattern book, hand cream and some candies. Thanks Lia. Guess, on my list now should be finding a pattern for the variegated yarn.

Besides that, I've started another project. The Hearty Lace is on hold at the moment. Well, it got to be another lace. Here it is.

Still without a name. How about Snowy since its white. This is my first project in white and I can tell you I'm pretty careful with it, wont want it to get black before I get the chance to wear it.


Laura.Y said...

ooo I like that felted bag you got too. Very nifty! Snowy looks nice. Kinda reminds me of Orangina..:)

Solange said...

An I was afraid that the felted bag (wool!) was a little to warm for the weather there!

It was a pleasure to be your Secret Pal. And now, that I don't need to remain 'secret', I invite you to visit my little blog:
It is in portuguese, but you can see it translated to english here:

(BTW, my 'blog name' is Solange)

Vanessa said...

Hi doreen, I like the tote as well. Now you can carry it with some of your knitting stuff. Again, you're such a fast knitter. Snowy is looking great, would love to see more progress.