Monday, September 19, 2005

Vintage Shrug Malaysian Version

Well, I have been a bad girl, starting another project before the other WIP are done yet. I just can't resist the temptation of knitting myself the UO Shrug after seeing Vanessa's version. Well this is my version. Its knitted with a DK cotton. Normally I seldom did a swatch, but for UO shrug I have to swatch for the gauge almost 4 or 5 times and froggin about twice. I can't seem to get the right gauge. At least the outcome is not that bad I hope.

Its pretty heavy though, about 350g as I used up almost 7 balls of it (especially on the colar its really warm). Guess this outfit I can only wear it in the office. For my version I've used a brooch to decorate it. Any idea, does it look nice with the brooch there? I got myself some other brooch too. Which one do you think suits better?

Well before I go, here is UO and Me.

Happy Mooncake Festival .


Vanessa said...

Wow very nice! I like it, girl. Hmmm all the brooch you got there are very pretty. I think you can wear your shrug with anyone of them. Great job!

Laura.Y said...

Oo u finished too! Mine will be completed soon, hopefully. I like the way urs turned out. Very refreshing color. Agree with Van, you can use all of ur brooches. They all look good with it.

yuvee said...

That's really nice!! Love the white colour ;)
Yep, those brooches are pretty, you'll look great wearing any of them.

joy said...

Interesting construction on the shrug. I like the brooch you picked for your modelled picture.

Mimi said...

Very cute your Vintage shrug! I also feel that all your pins will fit well. Maybe you can change accordingly to match the rest of your outfit.