Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm Tagged

Well, I have never done a MeMe before. This is my first time as I have been tagged by Yuvee.

Ten Years Ago
Hmmm... I'm in my early twenties 10 years ago. Still staying with my parents, got my driving license and started dating with hubby. I remember I've changed jobs quite often back then. Trying to find the most suitable job. Well, I did find one at last which last me till today. This year is my 10 year of service in the company. Wow... I'm that long in this company, couldn't believe it myself too.

Five Years Ago
Engaged with hubby 5 years ago. And of course we bought our 1st apartment and I got myself a kitty too. Baby is 5 years old already. Time really flies. It seems only yesterday all this happen.

One Year Ago
Well this is hard even its only recently, we moved into our new apartment and I have to adapt to leaving together with hubby, doing everything by myself which includes cooking and washing. I'm the youngest in the family, and of course I'm pampered all the while, everything is done by Mom. Mom is always the Greatest. Even though moving out means more freedom but at times I still find it hard as I feel I has less time doing the things I like to do. Now, I have to devote more time for house chores and that is one of the reason too why I'm not having a real baby.

Five Favourite Snacks
I'm kinda hooked to Tirimisu lately, chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, cheezels,

Five Songs I Know All The Words To
I think none that I know all the wordings, probably part of it i.e. SuperWoman and songs by The Carpentar.

Five Things I Would Do With $100 Million
Wow, thats a dream to me I guess. But if really I have that, I' probably get Hubby a new 4-Wheel Drive, helping my parents and real close friends, buying all the yarns that I can get my hands on, setting up a yarn store, vacation around the world (probably the list wont end with 5 things if I really have that amount of money).

Five Places To Run Away To
I would like to be in the beautiful island of Maldives, the adventures Africa, the ever exiciting Japan, Korea and France.

Five Things I Would Never Wear
This is tough, never really thought about it. I dont think I will attempt wearing bikini, tight pants, fishnet stocking and baggy pants.

Five Favourite TV Shows
I love watching HK Chinese Drama, Korean Movies, CSI, Desperate Housewife and Xfiles.

Five Biggest Joys
Hmmm... I guess my biggest joys will be learning to knit and getting to know all the knitters around the world, engaged to my hubby, learning to cook (not just only eggs and instant mee), having my pet Baby and shopping for more yarn and knitting supplies.

Favourite Toys
I guess I'm not a toy person. I cant seem to think of any toys that I like except that I do like soft toys a lot (especially teddy bears).

Five Things To Do, Just For Me, Before I Die
I would definately would like to travel around the world, more time with hubby, selling my knitting stuff and be able to set up my own yarn shop.

People To Pass This On To
I would like to pass this on to Eva, Jackie and Mimi (no obligation)

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