Monday, February 06, 2006

Back Again With 2 FOs

I'm back and hope that it is not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Its been two months since my last post. I'm just too lazy to post but I've been knitting. Before the year 2005 ended I've completed knitting another corset in Jaeger Trinity Flamenco. Even though this is the second knit, I don't feel boring at all. This is really a very interesting knit as I normally don't knit one pattern twice.

Sometimes I find it very hard to find a new pattern to knit. Too many nice ones till I can't decide which one to knit first. I've bought another new japanese knitting book (I'll post about the book in my next post) Even though its for winter but I really love the designs. I even choose one of it. Its just a plain stockinette long sleeve cardi which I modified it to 3/4 sleeves. This time around I use Rowan Cash Cotton in Chintz. Total yarn use for the cardi is about 4++ balls.

At the moment, I'm knitting another japanese pattern. Its from the Keitodama 2003 (Series No. 120), pattern no. 19. Well, its just another wrap cardi but with lace. With the hot weather in Malaysia, I think I will have to modified it again to a 3/4 sleeves. I've just started this during the long Chinese New Year Holiday (as I am still on leave now). Cross my fingers I hope I can complete this cardi. I'm just worried that I will get stuck with this pattern as I can't understand very well the Japanese instructions. The progress so far, I'm into arm hole shaping for the back piece.

I'll post again with some new progress soon.

P/S : I've been tagged by Laura and June. Girls, I promised to post soon.


erin said...

Flamenco is a lovely colour, perfect to wear for Chinese New Year. (Happy Chinese New Year!) The cashcotton cardi looks so soft and such wonderful yardage, you took less than 5 balls!! The lace stitch wrap cardi is looking good too.

Mimi said...

Welcome back Doreen, I've missed your posts! The corset is lovely, no wonder you knitted the design twice.
The wrap cardi is kind complicated when it reachs the lace part, mine got so big that i decided to knit in plain stockinette. Yours is looking great!
Happy Chinese New Year!

Vivian said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!
The lace pattern of your new project(3rd picture) looks great and I like the colour, very sweet.

Ruth said...

happy chinese new year! wow, your Fo's look great. can't wait to see your progress on your lace wrap cardi..

handknit168 said...

I always love the spring/summer pattern, but I will knit them with wool yarn. Happy to read yr blog again since last year.