Friday, February 10, 2006

Will it FIT me?

One side of the Keito wrap cardi is done. It is now laying on the blocking board. While I was blocking it i realized it lengthen by 1 inch. I meant to knit it at 20" and now after blocking, it lengthen another inch more. I hope it will fits me fine. Do you think next time when knitting with cotton I should shorten it by one inch from my desire length?

Anyhow, I hope after washing and drying in the dryer it will be shorten to the desire length. I've been doing this for quite sometime, as whenever after washing all the knitting garment will stretch a bit, and each time after a few rounds in the dryer I find it be back to the original size which is before blocking or washing. I've only try this with cotton blends.

I'll post again soon as there is some progress. Me myself can't wait to see myself in it. Hopes it turns out well.

P/s : Mimi, the lace on the body turn outs wider than the bottom lace, but luckily so far its not that really big, my real concerns is still the length.


Vivian said...

The lace pattern is so nice and so as the colour. Hope that it can fit you as well and I guess 1" long will make very much different. Length won't be that much of concern compared to width.

yuvee said...

That's looking really lovely. I wouldn't mind 1" longer, but maybe that's because I like longer tops.

Mimi said...

It's looking great and no problem with the top lace pattern! Somehow mine turned out with a tremendous difference with the increases.