Sunday, April 23, 2006

April Leaves

Leafy lace cable top is finally completed. I managed to seam and crochet the border this morning. I like it very much but DH thinks that this FO is a bit messy. He can't seem to find the leaves. How about you girls, can you all spot the leaves?

This FO should have finished earlier but because it got a bit boring. Well, at least now I managed to complete knitting it. It's knitted using 5 balls of Katia Capri cotton.

My next WIP, the diamond shawl is heading to the frog pond. I don't really like the colour of the yarn. I think its a bit pale and probably because I have knitted with it once. Well, probably I'll keep the yarn for future projects.

I've bought a knitting book sometime back from Brenda. The book is publish by Ondori and its call Summer Knit.

Here are a few designs that I like.

I'm attempting one of the design from the book (not the above). I will do a swatch and see how it goes. I'll post more about it in my next post.

P.S. : Handknit168, the diamond shawl is a japanese pattern. So sorry, I can't recall it is from which magazine.


knitties said...

Hey Doreen, that top's so cute and yes, I can see the leaves :) Sometimes men are clueless!

yuvee said...

I see lots of leaves there, how could've he missed it??
Agree with Lyn, so cute ;)

caitlyn said...

What a beautiful top!! It looks great on you. Congratulations on finishing it.

Ruth said...

wah... zen hao kan!! (practicing my pinyin.. hehe) you did a terrific job =) =)

erin said...

Doreen, your leaf tank top looks much better than the one in the magazine. Of course I can see the leaves, maybe because I am in love with leaf patterns at the moment!

Eva Shiu said...

Hi !

Your lace top looks great on you ! Good work !


Vivian said...

I don't think it's a messy top at all, in fact the leaves pattern could be seem very clearly in your picture and it's such a pretty top.

mona said...

Hi Doreen
That's so fast- didn't you cast this on on our April 1st meet up??
Did you change the number of stitches in the end??

It looks real good.

Mona (

handknit168 said...

Thanks for your info about the diamond shawls. I also like your new knitting book and should search in Hong Kong. My FBS is about 60" in width.

Vanessa said...

Yeah I think your top is lovely. Sometime men just don't see the stuff we see.

Sally said...

Yes, yes, I can see plenty leaves. Nice top!

Mimi said...

It has a nice fit and i love the pattern "with leaves"! ;)