Saturday, April 15, 2006

Still Alive

Thanks for everyone concerns. I'm feeling better now. I figure out my problem, I guess maybe its PMS as I'm feel very tense and moody. Well, I'm glad its over as last after missing it last month. As for work its still very tiring. The work load has increased with new tenants moving in. Business is moving and hope its pay off end of the year. Just hope that I'll get more bonus and increment.

On knitting, it's still progressing very slow. Even though leafy and cables top is not in plain stockinette stitch, l still find it boring. However, by this weekend I'm going to complete the back. I still have a few more rows to go.

I've started another project. Its a shawl. I've got the pattern from the LYS. I'm using the leftover yarn from my FBS, the Peruvian Baby Silk from Elann. I'm worried I might have problems with it later as I've have to do some crochet on the edge. I'll see how it will progress, worse come to worse I'll alter it to my own design or frog it.

I'll post more on the progress soon. Hope everyone will have a pleasure weekend and Happy Easter.


Ruth said...

that top really looks good. the pattern/texture is so interesting, can't wait to see you in it.
and your shawl is really pretty! the pink makes it very sweet on the eyes =)

erin said...

The leaf and cable is so pretty! And so is the lace for the shawl, love the little diamonds(?) between the rows of yos. Glad you're feeling much better, I get all pmsy sometimes too :)

Laura.Y said...

don't worry bout it...:) ur knits always turn out great. u'll think of something great to add. lovely lacey stuff.

Mimi said...

The top is coming up really nice, love the color.
Ah i think i recognize your shawl pattern, looks complicated to follow this pattern. I guess i have no patience to knit shawls.

handknit168 said...

I am now crazy in knitting lace shawls after completed one. your pink one is beautiful and I like it. Crocheting the edge is a good idea, I like this method instead of knitting the edge. Is this pattern come from Japanese book ?

msfortuknit said...

your knit wonderfully!