Friday, June 02, 2006

Progress Report

Here's some progress report on crochet and knitting.

Ruffles Shrug is just waiting for seaming. Bad news is, I don't have enough yarn for the ruffles. I still have 3/4 balls and is definately not enough for the ruffles. I need to get another ball. Lets just wait and see whether I will have a new FO by this weekend.

Lavendar is progressing too. I manage to get some knitting done in the office recently and here's the progress as at on Friday morning. I hope I can finish this as soon as possible. I really almost can't stand it anymore. Like what Sally's say this is really a CRAZY PROJECT.

I'll be back soon.


Vivian said...

U should keep on knitting the dress, don't give up. I know it's getting bored sometime especially it's a time consuming project, but it's very pretty. Giving it up will be a waste. :)

opportunityknits said...

You're almost there with the dress, crazy, but pretty :)

Mimi said...

oh that shrug will be so pretty!
Just a bit more and your dress will be done! ;)