Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ruffles Shrug

Thank you for all the supporting comments about my first ever dress. It really boost my knitting speed but then after knitting it for a while I got bored again. Now I'm on the 7th repeat of the cable pattern. I'm counting every now and then but sad to say I still got to knit another 5 repeat to reach the waist line. I don't think I can ever finish it by end of the month. Sigh.

I'm on leave yesterday and managed to visit Brenda. Of course I can't leave without getting some books and yarn. I bought 2 books on crochet from the Lets Knits Series. By just looking at the cover I know I must get these books (LOL).

Guess what, since getting the book I can't help myself from starting another project. Its another crochet project. This time its a ruffle shrug. After checking on Mimi's shrug I told myself I want to have one too. Well, since I'm no expert in crochet I'm now just worried that I might have trouble with the ruffles. Here's the progress so far. Its a fast one and hope to have another FO soon. Its feel like ages since my last FO.


yuvee said...

What a great choice! It's so pretty ;)

Ruth said...

how pretty!!!

Mimi said...

It's so great that you can crochet, there are so many nice designs out there.

knittin'_kitten said...

Beautiful! I'll check back to see it finished!