Saturday, February 03, 2007

Keitodama Spring 2007

The new Keitodama Spring 2007 is out. I just got myself a copy. A lot of crochet stuff for those who loves crochet. For myself, I was only attracted to 2 of the designs. You can help yourself to a little preview HERE.

This is the 2 design that I find I love personally. You may notice that it is lace stuff again for me. I can knit faster with lace. I won't get bored easily as well. It will keep me going for hours. As I've been searching for something to knit, I'm going to knit something from this issue. In fact I've started one. Here is the progress so far.

I'm using Bendigo 4 ply cotton. It is so light and the yarndage is good. The lace really shows well with this yarn.

Thats all for now folks. I'll blog again on the progress soon.


handknit168 said...

The patterns are really beautiful. I think you are the faster one to knit its pattern. Your choice is nice and I am waiting your FO.

yuvee said...

Excellent choice! Both sweater are gorgeous!

Lily said...

ooooh, these are so lovely. I would like to knit something like this also.

Amelia said...

Right now I wish I spoke / read Korean. That second sweater is just stunning! What fantastic patterns.

Zita said...

What a great occasion to meet somebody who loves to knit lace like me!
I like the patterns you have chosen.

Mimi said...

I have these two on my list as well.;) In fact, last week I tried to knit the white top but the intricated pattern wasn't going smootly for me.There were just too many twistings, even in the reverse side.

Your WIP will be a pretty one!