Monday, March 19, 2007

I've Been Bad

I'm still here but I know I'm bad. SP 9 had been long over and I still have not blog about my last package from my SP. In the last package, my SP send me Knit Scene Magazine, At Knit's End from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and set of beautiful stitch markers. And my spoiler is no other than Yvonne from UK. Thank you so much Yvonne. I just love all the gifts presented to me.

Here is the close-up of the stitch markers. It is really a beauty don't you think so.

My spoilee is from Hungary. Her name is Zita and she is one talented lady. She can really do magic with her sewing and like me she is into lace knitting too. I've been having fun sending stuff to her. I'm so glad that she is happy with the stuff that I've send her. You can check her out here.

I really have a super time in this round of SP. Thank you so much to both Yvonne and Zita for being a wonderful SP.


Zita said...

Thank you for having been my SP and for the many beautiful things you have sent to me!

R a i n said...

Lovely stuff!