Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pink Is Sweet

Thank you for all your compliment on my previous Crochet FOs. It is very encouraging. The reason I can complete it so fast probably is due to me having more time in the office. Usually after I've finish my work I'll will crochet or knit a few rows.

This is what currently on my needles. You might ask, "another motif, aren't you bored with it yet?"


Well, it turns out I like to see how much it has progress with joining of each motifs. Very interesting. I'm using DMC Petra in Pink shade. I think this colour looks real sweet. The only part I dread the most joining motifs will be binding off the ends. I just can't bear to see those loose ends dangling around, so the only way is I'll bind off all the loose ends after joining each one of them and not wait till the end to do it.


Annie said...

Agreed, this pink is vy sweet! It's going to be another pretty FO!

chicchicbaby said...

I miss your updates, hope to see you in action soon. Btw, you've been tagged, have fun : )

chewy said...

Hi Doreen I just started learning crochet and I was hoping to ask you where I can get the yarn and other materials needed. It would be a great help if you could tell me which shop you buy your materials from. Thank you.

Lloth said...

This motif is beautiful! Can you post the pattern for it or direct us to what book it is in or who sales the pattern for this motif?