Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kusha Kusha Scarf

I've seen and heard so much on the kusha kusha scarf and shawl in the website lately and so I decided to join in the fun as well. I just got the kit from habu and yesterday I can't stand any longer. For my kit, I've choosen the stainless steel in violet and the lace wool in the shade of brown.
Its in the progress now, aiming to complete it by the weekend. I like how it feels and so far it is turning out not bad.

I'll post more on it when it is completed.

P/S : Aw,I can't find your email in the comment. Hope that you will see this message.Did you follow exactly the number of stitches in the pattern? Well, sometime because of the difference in the thickness of the yarn use in the pattern the size will turn out differently. So the best possible way for you to get the size that you require is get your daughter exact size and then you can try to swatch the pattern to get the gauge. From there you will know how many repeats you need for the size you require. Normally, in the pattern it will shows for each repeat the number of stitches required. So add more to make it bigger or reduce it to make it smaller. Remember to add allowance to it as well because compare to knitting, crochet can't be stretch and through my experience I find that after washing a crochet garment it will shrink a bit. I'm not good at explanation but I hope this help


Laura.Y said...

That looks really interesting. Do show the progress. :)

Aw said...

hi, Doreen
thank you very much. I think I have to be brave to add stitches/ repeats. As I always follow number of stitches exactly in the pattern,:-) Coz I always think never mind if this cannot fit my
second daughter, it can either fit my eldest / youngest....that is why she complained she ended up with nothing, LOL

Annie said...

Nice combination of colours!!